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The Glove Compartment - Red

Regular price$32.00

Finally, a glove compartment for gloves! Keep your glove(s) fresh, dry, and flat, while storing your phone, wallet, and keys. It's the perfect spot to hang your glove between shots. And - your glove(s) will last longer!

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  • Keeps your glove fresh, dry and flat
  • Store you phone, wallet and keys

$32.00 $16.00


$32.00 $16.00


$32.00 $16.00

  • Colour: Red
  • High-Quality Mesh
  • Durable Nylon Exterior
  • Velour-Lined Interior
  • Lightweight Foam
  • Outer Velcro Patch
  • Zipper Closure
  • Breathable Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lightweight & Secure
  • Keeps Gloves Dry & Flat
  • Additional Storage for Personal Items
  • Outer Velcro Patch
  • Strong & Durable Carabiner
Are you tired of opening your bag to a crumpled and smelly golf glove? Keep your golf gloves clean, in shape, and moisture free with the Red Rooster “Glove Compartment” – our unique golf glove case.

No more looking around your golf bag to find your golf gloves. The Glove Compartment keeps your golf bag organized and keeps your gloves flat, dry, and ready to use at all times. It also provides some additional storage for your range-finder, phone, wallet, and keys!

Our easy to clean, water-resistant, and secure golf glove case is must a have for recreational and competitive golfers alike. A high-quality, detailed and attractive design makes for the perfect addition to your golf bag. It’s time to pay as much as attention to keeping your golf gloves clean as you do for your clubs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mario Jauregui
Broke on second outing

I really liked the idea of this product. I used in two rounds (one 18 and one 9 hole). The strap attached to the carabiner broke. I wrote red rooster and never got a response about their warranty. Disappointed to say the least.

Patrick Kenny
Glove Compartment

Really like the glove compartment. Keeps my gloves flat and ready for use. The carabiner and Velcro allow quick access during a round. Great product and highly recommend.

Deborah Kohl
Great gloves great service

Really nice gloves from a great company

Matthew S.
Velcro was unfortunately not fully secured

I really actually like the product, but the stitching started to come loose after only a few rounds. I'm just going to sew it back myself though.

Charles Sasse
works fine

It's a bit pricey, but it does keep the gloves from getting bunched up and forgotten. Instead of a stiff, crumpled-up glove that I have to work back into shape, the glove compartment gives me a place to put them where they dry out nicely and hold their shape.
I also like the velcro on the sides that allows me to air dry my glove before replacing it in the compartment.
I don't know why they have an expandable pocket inside of the compartment but I guess you can use it to store a tee or ball marker/repair tool.
I'm at the peak of my earnings life, about to retire and kids moved out, house paid for, pretty much all I have to spend money on is golf, so this isn't a huge expenditure for me. If I were in my 50's, I wouldn't buy it since it's more of a luxury item than a must have, but overall it works as described and I'll be keeping it.

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Cabretta leather is a top-quality material for leather golf gloves. It’s made from the hide of haired sheep and provides a comfortable fit, soft feel, and superior grip. An advantage that comes with using cabretta leather golf gloves is that they remain soft and pliable throughout several rounds.

An average golf gloves last up to 10 rounds. Factors that can vary the lifespan of your glove include: the number of swings, the tightness of your grip, the material, and how well you take care of your glove. The “Brahma” glove from Red Rooster can last up to and more than 10 rounds with proper use and care.

A golf glove is typically worn on the “weaker” or lead hand - which is the hand on the top of your grip. If you swing your clubs from the right side, you will need a left-handed golf glove, and vice versa for lefties. The “Brahma”” glove comes in both orientations, for left-handed and right-handed golfers.

You don’t have to! High level golfers believe that their feel is much better without a golf glove when hitting delicate shots with their putter. It’s good practice to take it off to let your glove air out and to maximize your chances of draining tricky putts.

A commonly overlooked factor when choosing a golf glove is finding the right fit. A glove is supposed to fit like a second skin and should feel tight around your hand and fingers. Our team has developed a comprehensive glove sizing guide which can help you pick out the right size glove. No more loose gloves that affect your swing!