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Introducing Our Glove Compartments

Our glove compartments are our best-selling accessory, designed to keep your gloves flat and dry. Say goodbye to misplaced gloves and help extend the life of your leather golf gloves with the glove compartment. 

Benefits of Glove Compartments

Glove compartments are more than just storage solutions; they are game-changers for avid golfers. By keeping your golf gloves in dedicated compartments, you ensure they remain clean, dry, and free from wear and tear. No more fumbling through your bag searching for a lost glove. Our golf glove compartments provide easy access, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions.

Our Glove Compartments

Our glove compartments are designed with golfers in mind. They feature durable materials, and space to accommodate multiple gloves, making them perfect for golfers who prefer to have backup gloves during their game. Additionally, our compartments are lightweight and portable, fitting seamlessly inside or outside of your golf bag.


1) How many gloves can the compartment hold?  

Our glove compartments are designed to hold 3-5 gloves comfortably.

2) Are the compartments waterproof? 

Yes, our glove compartments are made from water-resistant materials, keeping your gloves dry even in wet conditions.

3) Can I attach the compartment to my golf bag?  

Yes, our glove compartments come with a convenient attachment, allowing you to secure them to your golf bag for easy access.

4) How do I clean the compartment if it gets dirty?

Cleaning our glove compartments is simple – just wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris, ensuring they remain in top condition.

Experience the convenience and organization of Red Rooster Golf's quality glove compartments.