The Best Golf Gloves for Rain:
What to Look For

Golfing in the Rain

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Why Do You Need Golf Gloves for Rain?

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Tips for Golfing in The Rain

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!

Whether you’re walking or riding in the cart, an umbrella can be a life saver during a rainy round of golf. If you have room to spare in your bag, it’s a no brainer.

Bring Extra Gear

Extra gloves, towels, balls, and an additional scorecard can be the difference between having a good round or a tough round of golf in the rain.

Have Dry Clothes Waiting

Nobody wants to sit in wet and cold clothes longer than they should. Consider bringing an extra shirt, pants, socks and shoes that will be waiting for you in the car.

Waterproof Golf Shoes

Hearing your feet squish with every step can definitely take away from the enjoyment of playing golf. Invest in a pair of quality water-proof golf shoes to keep your feet dry.

What to Look for When Choosing Golf Gloves for Rain

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