Why Do Golfers Only Wear One Golf Glove?

Do You Need to Wear a Golf Glove?

Do You Need to Wear a Golf Glove?

To many, wearing one golf glove appears to just be a golf tradition - and one that doesn't seem to make too much sense. Although wearing a golf glove is completely optional and mainly comes down to personal preference, the decision is typically made based on the role that both hands play in the golf swing. A glove adds protection for your hands and provides additional grip to secure the clubs in your hand.

So why not wear two golf gloves? We're here to answer that question and more, and to provide some additional context into why golfers only wear one glove.

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How Do Both Hands Contribute to the Golf Swing?

How Do Both Hands Contribute to the Golf Swing?

The majority of golfers are right-handed, with left-handed golfers making up only roughly 10 perfect of the population. If you're a right handed golfer, the left hand (known as the lead hand) curls around the grip and is the hand that actively holds the golf club. The left hand is responsible for creating the force and acceleration that's exerted onto the ball from your swing. The right hand shapes your shot and guides the club rather than providing the power.

Being that the left hand is the one that requires the most grip and the right hand gives you feedback and helps with the feel of the shot, most golfers opt for only wearing a glove on their lead hand.


Helps Grip Your Club

A golf glove helps provide additional friction between your hand and the grip to prevent your clubs from slipping

Provides Protection

A golf glove protects your hands from developing blisters and callouses

Gives Confidence

Taking your glove on and off becomes part of your routine and knowing that you're mentally ready for your next shot can give you that additional bit of confidence

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Why Most Golfers Don't Wear Two Gloves

Why Most Golfers Don't Wear Two Gloves

Although a common reason for not wearing two gloves might be laziness or a decision based on golf tradition, wearing two gloves can also have a negative impact on your swing and the feel of your shots

Interfere With Your Grip: As you progress in your golf game, you start to experiment with different types of grips -like overlapping or interlocking fingers. Using two golf gloves can make this difficult and it might alter the amount of grip you get on the club.

Impact Your Feel of the Club: The feel of your club impacting the ball is crucial to get feedback on your swing. Covering the hand that provides feedback and helps shape your shot can take away some feeling that you get on the club and could result in adding some unwanted strokes to your game.

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