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The Glove Compartment - Grey
The Glove Compartment - Grey
The Glove Compartment - Grey
The Glove Compartment - Grey
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Are you tired of opening your bag to a crumpled and smelly golf glove? Keep your golf gloves clean, in shape, and moisture free with the Red Rooster “Glove Compartment” – our unique golf glove case.

No more looking around your golf bag to find your golf gloves. The Glove Compartment keeps your golf bag organized and keeps your gloves flat, dry, and ready to use at all times. It also provides some additional storage for your range-finder, phone, wallet, and keys!

Our easy to clean, water-resistant, and secure golf glove case is must a have for recreational and competitive golfers alike. A high-quality, detailed and attractive design makes for the perfect addition to your golf bag. It’s time to pay as much as attention to keeping your golf gloves clean as you do for your clubs.
  • Breathable Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lightweight & Secure
  • Keeps Gloves Dry & Flat
  • Additional Storage for Personal Items
  • Outer Velcro Patch
  • Strong & Durable Carabiner
  • Colour: Grey
  • High-Quality Mesh
  • Durable Nylon Exterior
  • Velour-Lined Interior
  • Lightweight Foam
  • Outer Velcro Patch
  • Zipper Closure

The Glove Compartment - Grey

Finally, a glove compartment for gloves! Keep your glove(s) fresh, dry, and flat, while storing your phone, wallet, and keys. It's the perfect spot to hang your glove between shots. And - your glove(s) will last longer!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Glove case gift

This was the fifth glove case I´ve purchased as I´ve gifted four of them to my golf buddies. Everyone instantly loves them and thinks they are such a good idea.
I´ve got a few more friends I´m considering for the next gift. I´d like to see one in the Masters color green.

Tim Seitz
Best of the Set

New Red Rooster glove joined my set this winter. After living in north Florida’s humidity for 4 years I outfit my bag with one glove per club. The Red Rooster is the best by far of my 12 gloves. It rapidly rose from new to outstanding when played vs other gloves from several other suppliers. I look forward to winter ending (now in Colorado) and playing more with the gloves. I’m certain more will join the set!

Kimberly Bailey
Well executed and simply a great idea (for yourself or a gift)

This is a really well made case, you can put it in your bag or hang it from the carabiner. What a great idea. I keep 2 gloves in the case plus extras. The pocket in the case can hold some cash, divot tool, extra markers etc. I got the grey one so it would be easier to find inside my bag.

C.J. Sanso
Grey Glove Holder

I absolutely love this product!!! Like many golfers I always carry a few extra gloves in my bag. This product is great and allows me to keep all my gloves in one place.


How to store your golf glove properly?

By storing your golf glove properly, you can maximize its use. Making sure that your glove is clean and dry is crucial before storing it in your bag or golf glove case. Throwing a wet and dirty glove into your bag in a wad is just about the worst thing you can do for your glove.

Once you have both cleaned and dried out your golf glove, make sure to lay it flat in its original packaging form to preserve its shape. If you don’t have a golf glove case, a sealed Ziploc bag can also do the trick – just not as well.

What to do with your golf glove after a round?

Depending on how dirty and sweaty your golf glove got throughout your round, you should consider give it a gentle wash and making sure that it’s dry before storing it until your next round. Certain materials require you to be more delicate when washing and might take longer to dry. Ask our team about our golf glove care routines for more tips!

What are the benefits of using a golf glove case?

A golf glove case is the perfect solution to keeping your golf gloves dry, fresh, flat, and clean until your next round of golf. A golf glove case can help extend the life of your gloves, keep your bag organized, and also provide extra storage for your valuables.

How do I keep my golf glove from drying out?

Keep your gloves dry and in good shape by rotating between two gloves. When your second glove is not in use, make sure to keep it dry and flat when storing it. Also, do your best to avoid cleaning your clubs and ball with your gloves – it may be hard to do, but your gloves will thank you. Lastly, check your grip. By reducing how firmly you grip your clubs the less wear and tear will happen.

What causes golf gloves to wear out quicker?

How long golf gloves last varies from player to player and from one brand of gloves to the next. However, there are some universal faux pas that can lead to faster wear and tear. Some common reasons that make your gloves wear our faster include:

•   Stuffing them into a bag after a round

•   Not airing or drying them out

•   Never washing or cleaning your golf glove

•   Not taking your glove off between shots

•   Gripping your clubs too tight

•   Improperly sized gloves